Stadia and the Future of Cloud Gaming (Thought’s from a Network/Systems Administrator)

Stadia being announced at GDC2019

This morning Google announced and talked about Stadia, Google’s new video gaming streaming platform at GDC2019.

I lightly talked about game streaming about five months ago when XBox announced some details about their Project xCloud and Google wrapped up their public testing of Assassins Creed Odyssey being able to played in Chrome in my podcast.

As I said in my podcast, I’m not totally surprised that this is happening. Google has the key components to make this happen (as does Microsoft and possibly Amazon):

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Warcraft the Movie – My Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

Warcraft Movie Still via Legendary Pictures

If you’re a fan of Blizzard, Warcraft, the art of Blizzard properties, or anything Blizzard touches…  You’re in for a treat.

I was invited to attend an IMAX 3D advance screening of Warcraft tonight (6/7/16) at the AMC Metreon in San Francisco and I’m happy.  Why?  Well, remember that feeling when you first saw Iron Man in theaters?  That feeling that for one split second that Tony Stark was as real as everyone in the theater and could have made that suit?  That’s how I felt while watching Warcraft.

Warcraft Teaser Poster
Warcraft Teaser Poster via Legendary Pictures

My knowledge of Warcraft lore isn’t as extensive as most hardcore fans.  I had played the original Warcraft on my Apple Performa 6200 way back in the day and played about 40 hours of vanilla WoW before calling it quits.  In all honesty, my expectations were lower than low for the film.  I expected a flimsy script, mediocre acting, and the visual effects being the only thing that would carry the film.  A cash grab meant to pull at the heartstrings and wallets of some of the most hardcore of hardcore fans in the video game industry.  This was not the case at all in my opinion.  The film holds up and except for a little plot hole, that I didn’t realize until someone behind me mentioned it, the story holds up.

The feel of the film felt like something Blizzard had complete control over or those working on the film along with the actors had real respect for the franchise, one that’ll be 22 years old this coming November.  From the glowing effects on some of the characters eyes, casting of magic spells effects, detail of statues, souls exiting bodies, the roof textures of buildings, the exact colours used (I was able to pick them out and reference them from box art to cinematic), all scream Blizzard and nothing else.  This wasn’t the let down of expecting to see the classic image of Optimus Prime from the 80’s cartoon that is engrained in my mind only to be shattered when seeing the ungodly hunk of metal Michael Bay rendition that did no respect to the 80’s cartoon version of Optimus I’ve held onto since my childhood.  These were the locations, buildings, character styles easily able to be identified from the games.  Hell, I was even thinking Terran Space Marines at times when looking at the armor the humans wore in the film.  The Starcraft Terran Space Marines were modeled after the human knights in Warcraft right? Continue reading “Warcraft the Movie – My Thoughts (Spoiler Free)”