October 2017 SF & SJ Giants Wallpapers Calendars (Ballpark)

AT&T Park

I decided to start something new with the wallpaper calendars for your computers.  Going forward I’m going to try to include two different wallpapers for you to enjoy, one will be showcasing the San Francisco Giants and the other will feature the Minor League San Jose Giants.  I’m hoping to accomplish a few goals by taking this approach, the first being to allow some variety in the wallpapers available to you, second showcasing the San Jose Giants who graciously provided media access to myself so as to be able to take some unique and amazing shots, and finally to showcase players that may one day be seen playing at AT&T Park.  This month will feature the ballpark of these two teams.

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January 2017 Wallpaper (Lou Seal)

2017 is finally here and that means another season of San Francisco Giants is near.  What better way than to kick of the year than with a wallpaper calendar featuring the hardest working mascot in the Majors, Luigi Francisco Seal aka. Lou Seal.

Lou replaced the infamous Crazy Crab, which you can watch the ESPN 30 For 30 short about the Anti-Mascot directed by Colin Hanks.

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December 2016 Wallpaper (Madison Bumgarner)

Madison Bumgarner 2016 December

We close out 2016 with the man that closed out the 2014 World Series, Madison Bumgarner.  One of the many “Homegrown” players that fill the SF Giants roster he has become a star and legend in MLB History with his incredible postseason performance.

Not only is Madison Bumgarner one of the best pitchers in baseball, he’s also known for one of the few pitchers who “rake” or are an offensive threat when at bat.

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November 2016 Wallpaper (Matt Duffy)

The first of the offseason wallpaper calendar features former SF Giants 3rd baseman Matt Duffy (@mm_duffy on Twitter and Instagram).  Beloved by the fans and his teammates, fans were stunned to hear Duffy was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays before the 2016 trade deadline.

Heading down memory lane, Matt Duffy was called up August of 2014 and was one of the handful of rookies that were able to play in the World Series against the Kansas City Royals.  He took over 3rd base midway through the 2015 season and would become the first SF Giants rookie to win the Willie Mac Award that same year. Scroll down to seem more of Duffman as a Giant and this months wallpaper calendar:

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