October 2017 SF & SJ Giants Wallpapers Calendars (Ballpark)

AT&T Park

I decided to start something new with the wallpaper calendars for your computers.  Going forward I’m going to try to include two different wallpapers for you to enjoy, one will be showcasing the San Francisco Giants and the other will feature the Minor League San Jose Giants.  I’m hoping to accomplish a few goals by taking this approach, the first being to allow some variety in the wallpapers available to you, second showcasing the San Jose Giants who graciously provided media access to myself so as to be able to take some unique and amazing shots, and finally to showcase players that may one day be seen playing at AT&T Park.  This month will feature the ballpark of these two teams.

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The KFL3 Lost Batch of Photos (New Epic Shots of All the KF Family)

Kinda Funny Live 3

These KFL3 photos were thought to be lost in the streets of San Francisco.  Luckily it was just me misplacing the SD Card and then forgetting to import/edit them.  A massive search and rescue mission was not required to find them.  Check out these backstage, onstage, and away from the stage shots of Greg, Tim, Nick, Kevin, the Kinda Hunnys, and what I think is an epic shot of the Pure One himself!  If you enjoyed these and my other Kinda Funny Live photos please be sure to let the KF gang know you’d want more.  I hope you enjoy all the photos of these amazingly talented individuals as much as I enjoy photographing them for you all.

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More Wallpapers of the Odaiba Gundam (Set 2)

Gundam wallpaper 4

The last wallpaper image of the scale Odaiba Gundam was met with very positive reception, I decided to include a couple more of the massive Gundam statue that stands outside of Diver City shopping center.  These were taken during one of my trips to Tokyo, Japan in August of 2013.

The statue does in fact have limited movement where it’s arms and head move.  At night there are “shows” where parts of the statue do light up and fog is emitted from it.

Odaiba Gundam Wallpaper 3

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Canon Camera Gear I Use

My Camera Gear Used

I started taking photos around 2012 and in that time gained zero skill or technique after taking 24,000+ (that’s mostly a joke).  People have asked me if the pictures I take are good, I usually reply that maybe 10% or less are actually good.  What I learned going to SF Giants games and taking pictures from the stands, sports photography is hard!  Having a consumer grade digital single-lens reflex camera trying to shoot baseball ends up with a lot of blurry or photos of the players out of focus, but the fans being perfectly in focus.  But, you can get some pretty cool photos like this one of Kelby Tomlinson


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