Moar KFL3 Pictures Gallery Number 2!

Kinda Funny

First off, thank you for taking the time to check out these massive photo galleries from KFL3.  If you haven’t seen part one of my photos from KFL3, here’s the link.

This gallery covers the announcements of Kinda Funny Games Daily, a Love and Sex Stuff Marriage Proposal, Greg’s review of original Oreos, Mike Drucker, Mega Ran, Tonedeff, The Internet Explorers, and the Bongos Remix.  Enjoy!

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Kinda Funny Live 3 Gallery 1

Grimecraft's silhouette

Here it is, the first of a few galleries of my photos from Kinda Funny Live 3, big thanks to Tim Gettys for the media access!

The first part in this series of galleries will be from the preshow which features Grimecraft spinning as all the Kinda Funny Best Friends entered the Regency Ballroom and made sure to pick up all the Kinda Funny Live 3 exclusive merch.

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More KFL2 Pictures (Round 2)

Kinda Funny Live 2 Pictures (Round 1)