Photos of the Piñas Celebr8ing Hunter & Lexi

Photos from Sunday September 30th 2018, celebrating Hunter and Lexi’s last day with the SF Giants organization.

The Piñas out in full force supporting Lexi and ready to cheer on Hunter at the game.
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Cheering on Hunter at AT&T Park
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Panorama of Hunter and the Piña cheering him on
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Thank You Hunter

You’ll always be known as one of the greatest to ever wear the Giants uniform.

Time sure did fly by.  It feels like yesterday you made your debut at AT&T Park, won a couple World Series, shared your love of coffee, dominating in Smash Bros., were making amazing plays on the field, and helping to welcome the newest members of the Orange and Black and mentoring them on what it means to be a San Francisco Giant.

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Video Games, Art or Something Else? – Episode #0002

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The Loungecast September 9th, 2018

Beer: Was Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon but after having a little too much we’re doing a cup of Starbucks Verismo coffee.

Story One:

Unity boss says VR hardware still not right for consumers: source comment submitted by Kuro

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