April 2016 Wallpaper (Nori Aoki)

Nori Aoki Wallpaper Calendar

Even though Nori Aoki was with the San Francisco Giants for only the 2015 season, he was beloved and brought excitement to every at bat and whenever he took the field.

Sadly he would not be returning to the Giants for the 2016 season.  Hopefully he has a successful season with the Mariners and is seen playing at AT&T Park in the near future.



April 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Nori Aoki

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2016 San Francisco Giants Season Tickets Unboxing

Could there be Giants season tickets in the box?

The Giants  Client Realations team’s Twitter account (@SFGiantsSTM) has been retweeting a lot of the Giants season ticket holders tweeting about receiving their season tickets in the mail.  This is great seeing all the fans getting ready for baseball season and the Giants Client Relations team getting in on all the fun on social media.  The entire organization is amazingly social savvy and great to see more and more parts of the front office interacting with fans in their own way.  This year, it was a nice surprise to see a case for the season tickets and a little something to commemorate the fans that fill AT&T Park every home game.

Check out the video and let me know what you think, send me a tweet if you’d like to see more unboxings or just more pictures of our favorite team in baseball!

[videojs width=”70%” mp4=”http://d3sh5zsp34q7uf.cloudfront.net/2016SFG_ST_Unboxing.mp4″]

March 2016 Wallpaper (Brandon Crawford)

Brandon Crawford watching Joe Panik from second after Gregor Blanco draws a walk off Randy Choate during from Game 4 of the 2014 NLCS.

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Brandon Crawford Wallpaper 2014 NLCS Game 4

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