Bunch of Random Things

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This post started as a rant about the good ol’ days of the Internet and how it’s no fun that a few tent posts are the main places where people congregate online these days, myself included. Rather than complaining about the state of the Internet in 2019. I’d figure do something about it and make a blog post.

In 2017, for a while I was posting weekly updates of things I found and did in cyberspace. Shut up, that was a cool term in my day.

Side bar: I hope CDPR capitalizes on 
calling the Internet "cyberspace" when
referencing any wide area network in CyberPunk 2077.

Anyways, here’s the things I’ve been up to.

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The Rise of the Bullshit Web and the Bullshit Around Us

I’ve been finding more and more people writing about the bloated and so called “bullshit web” over the past couple of months.  This isn’t geared at the actual content consumed on the internet but the underlying software that traverses the millions of miles of copper, glass, and surrounds us with radio waves radiating from cellphone towers and smartphones that makes a webpage work.

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